Best Cuddeback Trail Cameras in 2022

In this post, we are going to cover the Cuddeback Game Camera reviews of 2022 and help you in making a wise buying decision that satisfies your needs.

Are you using a trail camera that doesn’t meet your requirements?

Maybe, you’ve been dealing with a camera that doesn’t offer the resolution that you need? Or perhaps, your camera doesn’t have the speed that you need?

More than ever, users now have a high standard when it comes to their trail cameras. Some prefer to have a trail camera with months-worth of battery life, while others prefer to have a robust design.

If you’re looking for the best trail camera, continue reading this Cuddeback review to find the Cuddeback trail camera that can suit your needs.

Without a reliable camera, it’s going to be a struggle to capture images and videos of animals in the wild.

Trail cameras are used for different purposes. Hunters now use cameras to pattern targeted animals. On the other hand, there are biologists that observe animals in their habitat using these trail cameras.

Scouting cameras are an important tool, and now more than ever, good quality and reliable camera are needed.

The CuddeLink Long Range IR cameras basically have the same classic look and design of the Cuddeback IR H series cameras. However, Cuddeback was able to incorporate changes that made the camera such a favorite among hunters and nature enthusiasts.

Another feature of these cameras is that they have the option to purchase a cellular data plan.

Cellular data plans allow the IR scouting camera to send photos and information to a cell phone. What it does is prevent you from going to the spot where you have to collect the photos manually.

Wireless trail cameras are ideal for managed properties where hunting pressure is minimal. It is also ideal for leased properties and remote properties.

The difference between the CuddeLink Long Range IR hunting camera and the Cuddeback IR H series cameras comes with its performance.

The linked trail cameras are known for being the fastest cameras on the market. With a trigger speed of ¼ second, you will be sure to avoid missing images of wildlife cruising by the camera.

One thing I have noticed about this camera is the camera does a great job of capturing still images. With some other cameras, I will get motion blurring from animals walking by, but the pictures on the CuddeLink IR hunting camera the camera gives me crisp images.

One of the most disappointing things for hunters and wildlife enthusiasts is checking a camera to discover the blank footage. The possible reason is that the wind may have triggered the camera. Or perhaps movement from the leaves may have triggered the camera to take a photo or video.

This is quite crucial given the fact that you don’t want to waste the space in your memory card. However, the good news is that it offers a 20MP resolution for its images. And as far as video is concerned, you also get superb shots from this trail camera.

You also get time-stamped photos and video. Here, hunters will be able to monitor the usual time that an animal appears in the area.

What this can do is help you find the right time to spot the animal. It helps minimize the guesswork given the fact that animals tend to have their own habits.


CuddeLink IR hunting camera is an ideal camera for hunters that are looking to observe multiple posts. The CuddeLink cameras will allow you to monitor deer activity throughout your property by having a network of cameras connected to one trail camera.

You can have one camera placed near a timber entrance, road, or house to easily check the activity.

Not only does it allow you to see the shots of different cameras without checking the cameras one by one, but it also offers crisp images.

It also has a quick trigger speed which makes it useful for taking images and videos of animals that are moving quite fast. You also get a timestamp of the images and videos. This means that you won’t have a difficult time knowing the time the animal passes by the area.

Though the camera isn’t exactly bulky, keep in mind that it isn’t the smallest trail camera by design as well. The Cuddeback 1309 IR Plus is a great trail camera by design if you are looking to hide the camera from animals. It can be camouflaged in the woods without any problem.

In addition to this, it also has a case that can withstand different types of weather. You won’t have any issues regardless if it’s raining or dealing with a hot and humid environment.


  • Photo resolution: 8 MP
  • Video resolution: HD
  • Flash: IR

The Cuddeback 1309 IR Plus is a camera known for its high-quality videos. You have the ability to take 10 to 30-second HD videos. Here, you will have enough time to capture a video of the animal in his or her natural habitat.

And unlike other trail cameras, the video is in high definition which gives you a clear image of what you need to see.

As for the photo resolution of the camera, it only has 8 MP. Though it doesn’t offer much, it is enough for most scenarios. The infrared is also decent compared to other trail cameras. It has the ability to give you the images that you need especially in a low light condition.


In order to use the camera, you will need 8 AA cameras. The good news is that this kind of battery is quite common. Battery life is also superb with the Cuddeback 1309 IR Plus.


For the price of the Cuddeback 1309 IR scouting camera, you get a lot of qualities associated with upper-end trail cameras such as a quick trigger speed and fast recovery.

But what makes this motion activated camera stand out is the fact that it can be used for both day and night conditions without any problems. Its video is in HD which is something that you can take advantage of if you wish to capture clear images of a particular animal.

It’s trigger speed and recovery speed are also something that makes the Cuddeback 1309 IR scouting camera stand out from the rest of the other cameras in the market. Imagine shooting in just half a second?

The camera is fairly compact for easy transportation with a durable plastic protective shell. It is perfect for instances when you will have to leave the trail camera in an area with unpredictable weather.

It can also handle a decent amount of bumps considering that it makes use of a durable shell.


  • Photo resolution: 8 megapixels
  • Flash: IR

Cuddeback designed the Moonlight trail camera to capture superior night photos by optimizing megapixels for night time usage.

Considering the photos and videos are taken at night, the camera does an exceptional job of capturing the images with minimal burring. When compared with similar products, the background is also illuminated in shades of gray. The reason why it stands out in the dark is its 24-LED IR system.

In addition to this, you also get 10, 20, 30-second video settings in this camera. This means that you have enough options to choose from how you long you want your videos to last.


The camera uses 8 AA batteries for a power source. Power consumption isn’t a problem on this camera as well. In fact, it does provide a decent life especially if you shorten the videos that you take.


This camera is a good option if you are planning to shoot mostly in the dark. It makes use of a 24-LED IR system that gives your camera the performance it needs in low light conditions. It is also designed to meet the typical outdoor environment.

Cuddeback Black Flash 1231 has a discreet appearance that can be placed anywhere in the woods.

The black flash can easily be camouflaged to the bark of a tree. In addition to this, you also don’t have to worry that it won’t be able to tolerate the harsh environment when left outside.

It is also compact in design which makes it a favorite among hunters who prefer to work with a smaller-sized trail camera.

It also has Cuddeback’s Genius mount that you can use to strap or screw in a tree during setup. Aside from easy installation, this mount is also known to allow the trail camera for easy panning, tilting, and locking.


  • Photo Resolution: 20 Megapixels
  • Flash: IR

The Cuddeback Black Flash camera is an ideal trail camera that you can use to monitor animals that are active at night. This is also the reason why it is the perfect predator scouting trail camera that you might want to go for.

For starters, the camera has a 20 MP resolution. It takes crisp photographs whether it is day or nighttime. And since it makes use of 20 high power IR LEDs, it can easily illuminate the photos or videos of the animal you are trying to observe at night.

Though it takes black and white images at night (just like most trail cameras), you won’t have a difficult time to distinguish the subject.

The flash is also what makes this camera a gem for a lot of hunters mainly because it doesn’t disturb the animals in their natural habitat. It makes use of 940 nm no-glow LEDs that is invisible to the eye.


The Cuddeback Black Flash 1231 trail camera is powered by 8 AA batteries. The good thing about this camera is that it isn’t exactly a power hog. You can even leave the camera’s batteries for 12 months and you won’t have any problems. But of course, it depends on your usage.

For instance, the more that you use videos rather than taking photos, the more that it can drain the batteries.


The Black Flash 1231 camera comes with full of upper-end features and is a great buy. However, let’s admit that it isn’t a perfect trail camera. There are still some areas that could be improved.

Cuddeback’s Black Flash camera only reaches 50 feet. If a predator is prowling beyond 50 feet from the camera, you will have a difficult time taking a photo or a video of the animal.

The good news is that it has high-quality photos and videos. Also, since the IR flash is invisible, you won’t bother animals that you observe.

The Cuddeback Attack IR 5MP camera has a no-nonsense design. It has a casing that camouflages on trees and wherever you plan to place the trail camera. In addition to this, it includes a tree mount that makes it easy for the user to set up the camera outdoors.


  • Photo Resolution: 5 Megapixels
  • Flash: IR

The Cuddeback Attack 5 MP camera is one of the first and finest cameras to have quality photos with infrared technology. Though it isn’t as powerful as other cameras, the 5MP resolution is enough in most situations to provide clear images. For both day and night functions.

It makes use of 36 high powered LEDs that help give users crisp images. And just like most Cuddeback trail cameras, it isn’t visible to animals given that it emits only infrared.

Another important feature that can come in handy with the Cuddeback Attack 5MP camera is its ability to take 30-second clips at 24 fps. Here, you will be able to observe the animal for half a minute once it enters the camera’s range.

Cuddeback has equipped the camera with technology to correctly expose images. No more over-exposed or under-exposed photos.

Additionally, the camera is able to center the image on the screen before taking a photo.


4 D batteries are used to power the camera. For best performance, Cuddeback recommends using Rayovac, Duracell, or Energizer alkaline batteries.


Cuddeback’s Attack is a pretty decent camera. Though it doesn’t have a high resolution, it still offers what beginners need. It also has a fast trigger speed that allows you to capture images or videos of animals that you are trying to observe without any problem.

The IR technology captures quality photos during low levels of light and provides colorful daytime images. This trail camera even includes image centering feature that can help give you the best shot.

In terms of appearance, the Cuddeback X-Change looks very similar to the Black Flash 1231 camera. It has a compact and durable design thanks to its high-quality shell that tightly secures all the important parts of the camera.

You also won’t have a difficult time getting the camera to a tree. It’s setup is easy given its ergonomic mount design. And also, the appearance of this compact camera is quite discreet especially if you worry that this camera is going to be spotted by animals.


  • Photo resolution: 20 megapixels
  • Flash: IR and Color Flash

If there is something that you would like about the Cuddeback X-Change trail camera is the fact that it has a 20-megapixel resolution.

It offers superb images regardless if you are taking photos at daytime or at nighttime. Also, it offers innovative features including zone control that allows the camera to separate the day and night delays.

You also have the option to opt for a 5MP resolution if you are planning to prolong the battery or if you are looking to store more photos in your SD card.

When taking images at night, you get photos in full color which is something that is unique with the Cuddeback X-Change.


8 AA batteries are used to power the camera. You can take thousands of photos with your battery. However. It does depend on the resolution that you are using.


The X-Change scouting camera is appropriately named as the camera allows users to purchase compatible flashes and use them on the camera. It is a highly versatile camera with a 20MP resolution for its photos.

The camera is made to have a long life and is very versatile to accommodate all users. Hunters, trappers, wildlife enthusiasts can all use and enjoy the camera to fit their specific needs. Though it allows you to make use of different flash, you might startle the animals if you wish to have a colored photo.

Cuddeback Trail Cameras Buying Guide

Which of these trail cameras are built well?

In all honesty, one of the best features of Cuddeback cameras is the design. All Cuddeback cameras are well built so it then comes to preferences.

I prefer compact cameras that can easily be transported in the field. Sometimes, when debating on different stand locations, I will slip the camera into my coat pocket to move the camera closer to my hunting stand.

Compact versions such as the X-Change or Cuddeback Moonlight cameras are among my favorite for transporting during hunting season.

Which of these trail cameras offers the best image quality?

The best image quality can be found with the 20 MP cameras, such as: Cuddeback Blue Series, Cuddeback X-Change 1279,

Cuddeback Black Flash 1231, Cuddeback or CuddeLink trail cameras.

Which is the best trail camera for wireless connectivity?

The CuddeLink set of cameras currently are among the top cameras for wireless connectivity. You can add up to 16 cameras together, and can extend the cameras over several miles of land.

Which camera offers good battery backup? CuddeLink wireless cameras have many versatile options for battery backup including: solar adapters, AA batteries, or D batteries.

Which mics offer good detection and recovery speed? When compared to virtually any other camera on the market, Cuddeback leads the industry in the fastest trigger speeds.

All of Cuddeback’s lines of cameras have fast trigger speeds as well as recovery speeds. The X-Change is among the best for a fast trigger speed and a fast recovery time.


Cuddeback produces a versatile line of cameras to fit every sportsman’s needs.

The line includes cameras for the economical hunter on a budget such as: The Cuddeback Black Flash Camera, Cuddeback 8 MP Moonlight IR game camera, and the Cuddeback IR Plus.

Among hunters, the Cuddeback IR Plus camera tends to be a favorite trail camera.

The scouting camera has been a reliable, durable model for the company.

If you are looking for an affordable yet reliable trail camera, consider investing in the Cuddeback 1309 IR Plus trail cameras.

The infrared cameras emit an infrared light and are considered a low light camera. Animals have different cones in their eyes and perceive the IR light differently than we do.

It is thought that a lot of animals, such as deer, can see different levels of the light spectrum differently than we do. Infrared technology is used to emit light to capture images of wildlife all the while staying low profile and inconspicuous.

If you are looking for a camera that emits minimal IR light, consider the Cuddeback Blue Series. The Blue Series scouting cameras use a black flash to create an invisible glow using no red light.

The Blue series are moderately priced and are equipped with some of the latest technology such as the fastest trigger speed.

While the recovery speed of the camera is fast (1 – 2 seconds) it is slower than some other Cuddeback models such as the Cuddeback X-Change trail camera.

The X-Change 1279 camera is a versatile camera. You can change out different types of flash modules to fit your needs. For instance, you can choose whether you would like the following flashes:

  • IR
  • Black
  • Color Strobe

The color strobe allows you to take night time color photos of wildlife.

If you are in the market for a camera with a high resolution and higher quality take a look at the

Cuddeback Blue Series.

One unique option Cuddeback offers is the photo centering option. Game cameras, like the Cuddeback Attack 5 MP, use proprietary technology to center animal on the screen.

This reduces misses and allows you to see more of the wildlife.

Cuddeback Black flash cameras reduce visible presence of the camera.

For an economical camera that performs well in low light situations, take a look at the Cuddeback 8 MP Moonlight game camera.

Cuddeback is a long-lasting reliable camera manufacturer that designs trail cameras for hunters, by hunters.