Best Tissot Watches in 2021

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Tissot’s chronograph offerings are some of the best in the industry. The PR 100 is one of their more affordable chronographs that’s strikingly stylish.


The appeal of dive watches is their utilitarian cool. They look good in just about every situation. However, dressing them up can be a difficult challenge.


Tissot excels at offering high-quality watches at relatively affordable price points. However, even by their standards, the Everytime is one of the best value watches on the market.


Silver dial watches offer a clean style aesthetic that is nearly impossible to get wrong. However, many watch companies still stick with black or blue dial watches. Hence, when we see a silver dial, it immediately stands out.


Chronograph watches can often be very formulaic. It’s rare for a brand to be able to break the typical chronograph mold, but Tissot has managed to offer a refreshing take on the chronograph with the Couturier.

Best Tissot Watches in 2021

Many watch enthusiasts argue that Swiss brands offer the best in watches and engineering efficiency.

That’s because these watch brands specialize in high-quality timepieces with a focus on quality and craftsmanship. As a result, these brands have stood the test of time and have remained relevant through both the quartz crisis and the current digital revolution.

Among these Swiss brands, Tissot is noteworthy for continuously offering premium quality watches at relatively affordable prices.

They’re also one of the most successful Swiss brands as well––the company has worked for centuries to perfect their approach to watchmaking, and they continue to offer beautiful, stylish watches.

Another attractive element of Tissot is that they offer all the perks of Swiss engineering in an accessible package. They make watches that are great for every type of watch wearer, from the everyday enthusiast to the serious collector.


The PR 100 is a 41mm stainless steel quartz watch that retails for $395 although you can find it on Jomashop for $245 and on the used market for even less). It features sturdy pushers, 30m of water resistance, and lumed hands.

There are several dial color options, including black, silver, blue, and even mother of pearl.

However, the most appealing factor of the PR100 is the chronograph itself. Many chronograph watches look too busy, but the PR100 offers a clean, simple design.

The chronograph functions seem to disappear in the background but are legible when needed. Another standout feature of the watch is that it pairs well with both leather and steel bands.


To answer that call, Tissot released the Seastar 1000. The Seastar is an elegant, stylish dive watch that doesn’t look out of place in formal occasions. This 42mm diver wears incredibly well and offers 300m of water resistance.

The Seastar also features the brand’s efficient automatic movement and a sapphire crystal.

The dressy appeal of the Seastar is the understated yet beautiful minimalisticblue watch face with a simple date complication. While it offers the traditional circular markers, the overall construction of the watch makes it look distinguished and modern.

More importantly, the Seastar retails at roughly $700, which makes it easily one of the best sub-$1000 watches from any brand, period.

+Lightweight+Good value
Limited sport profilesPlastic-heavy build


The Everytime Swissmatic is a 40mm automatic watch that also features a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.

The Everytime is one of the most popular watches for watch enthusiasts. For roughly $400, the Everytime offers some of the best Tissot has to offer, from their popular movements to the sleek watch case.

With minimalistic branding and a simple date complication, the Everytime Swissmatic is a dressy watch that’s also not out of place for everyday casual wear, making it an extremely versatile watch.


Enter the Tissot Tradition chronograph. This is a 42m stainless steel chronograph watch with many appealing features, including a sapphire crystal, 30m of water resistance, stainless steel pushers, and classic indices.

In addition to the traditional chronograph functions, the Tradition offers a date complication between 4:00 and 5:00.

The Tradition can be purchased from most retailers at roughly $300, which is a fantastic price for a well-made chronograph.


The Couturier is a 43mm stainless steel watch with an automatic movement, silver indices, and a sapphire crystal. However, what separates the Couturier from other chronograph watches on the market is its unique take on the day-date complication.

It displays the day and date as the ‘fourth’ chronograph window, which provides a nice, balanced look. While this is a small detail, it adds a lot to the Couturier.

The Couturier is on the more expensive side at $800-$900. However, for those that love the look of the Couturier and are okay with sacrificing some of the higher-end features, a quartz option sans the day-date complication is also available at roughly $300.

Best Tissot Watches in 2021

Swiss luxury watchmaker Tissot could be one that you’ve possibly overlooked. However, the company, founded by Charles-Félicien Tissot and his son, Charles-Émile 1853 in Le Locle, a Swiss in the Neuchâtel area of the Jura Mountains, has a rich heritage and is responsible for some pioneering firsts within the watch industry.

The company set the ball rolling within its first year, launching the world’s first mass-produced pocket watch, which also happened to be the first pocket watch to display the time in two time zones, all from a single movement. Charles left for Russia in 1858 to sell the pocket watches to the Russian Empire, a mission which he achieved with aplomb.

Several years later, in 1930, Tissot merged with Swiss watchmaking giant OMEGA, before being acquired by Swatch Group in 1983.

Tissot has a longstanding association with sport, having been the official timekeeper for many events, including the MotoGP and various other world championship events such as skiing, basketball and fencing. The company also has a number of high-profile names on its list of ambassadors, including former San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker and world champion MotoGP rider Marc Márquez.